Center filled cake line

CRM-CCPL full automatic cake line / paper cup cake production line / cake with filling production line manufacturer

CRM-CCPL Custard cake production line / paper cup cake production line / cake with fillings production line manufacturer
Product Information 
 CRM-CCPL Custard cake production line /
paper cup cake production line photo 

Center Filled Cake Production Line Process Flow 

CRM-CCPL custard cake production line
could make the following cakes 

CRM-CCPL Custard cake production line Parameters 
Capacity 8-10ton/day
Gas consumption 13-18kg
Power  20kw 

The main machines of custard cake production line . 
Name of machine Power(KW) Dimension(mm) Voltage(V) Quantity
HYCQJ-150 Type
Inflatable Mixer
15 2800*1500*2400 380V,50Hz 1unit
Oil spraying machine 2 1800*1000*1600 _______ 1unit
Cake forming machine 0.8 2000*1000*1600 380V,50Hz 1unit
36 m natural gas tunnel oven 56 42000*1600*2600 380V,50Hz 1unit
Cooling conveyor (first cooling) 2.5
6900*920*850 380V,50Hz 1unit
Cake drawing machine (demould machine) ____  
380V,50Hz 1unit
Auto washing pan machine 7 48500*900*850 380V,50Hz 1unit
Cooling and
Sterilization line (before
packing )
1.5 12000*1000*800
380V,50Hz 1unit




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